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Step 1: Configuration

Alright, so to get started we're going to take a look at two simple files in your Starbound folder, this will allow you to modify some server properties! Let's first use the warp drive on our ships to take us to our Starbound folder!

In ../Steam/SteamApps/common/Starbound/assets

In this folder you'll find two very handy files listed as .cfg files, the two files in mention are:


These two files have a couple of server commands that let you manage your online experience. Let's first take a look at.. server.cfg. There is one option in here that will be handy to some users. Take a look at line 6 --

"upnpPortForwarding" : true,

This command turns on port forwarding, and vise versa. The use of this is to change from a lan server/online server. For you hamachi users, changing the value of this variable to false, will allow you to launch a game that a local client should be able to connect to, provided that your internal lan settings are correct, and Hamachi has the correct priority. That's the only setting we need to mess with here, let's move to the real deal!

So next, let's migrate to default_configuration.cfg. This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS. The first lines we're going to take a look at are as follows:

"gamePort" : 21025,
"controlPort" : 21026,
"authPort" : 21027

Now seeing as the game was launched today, I don't have that much insight as to what all of these do, but I will say one thing in particular. By changing the value, "gamePort" you can edit what port Starbound will launch out of, provided you need to. Control port could be a "remote admin" and authport is probably the port that will let your server appear on a server browser later on.

You DO need to forward the port, 21025 for people to connect to your server. Starbound is NOT Terraria, it will not forward for you.

SECONDLY Do you want to protect your galaxy from Space Pirates hijacking your game?! Protect that with a server password! Lower down on the list, you'll find a line that says,

"serverPasswords" : [

What we have here is some hi-tec security Starbound style! If you see the first instance of "" just below serverPasswords, you'll see that it's a poor empty field. :( FILL THAT WITH SOME SECURITY. You can place a password here that your friends or enemies will prompted to enter on the multiplayer menu, so as follows you can use:

"serverPasswords" : [

To change your server password to JAMBAJUICE.

Step 2: Starting Your Server

Alright, so after you have all your ports fowarded, it's time to launch your ship into a friendly orbit. There are TWO ways of doing this, but they both have a similar result. The two methods are as follows:

First Method: You can launch Starbound from Steam like usual, when the launcher comes up simply click, Launch Starbound Server and you're bold like gold! The server will slowly come up, and batta-bing batta-boom you're in!

Second Method: You can migrate your space-age butt over to your:


Folder, and then check out the simple application called...... starbound_server. When you run this it does the same thing as the launcher, but using that you won't have to start steam to do it, if you're running a dedicate server box or what have you!

So that's it, but what's that you ask? You're lonely up in space, how do your friends find you? Well let's sort that out right...

Step 3: Grab Some Friends

Finally, if necessary, let me tell YOU how to make your universe LESS LONELY! First thing you're going to want to do is go to a handy website called, Whats My Ip?. This IP is your external IP, you'll want to copy this down, and send it to your friends! After that's all said and done, tell your friends to boot up their perfect game <3, and click Multiplayer. Tell them to pick their character, and then type in your ip and PRESTO. Instant company!

Now guys, I'll elaborate more and this as I learn, just seeing as it's day one, I wanted to help you all out with some general info to get you started! There are more things that I want to play with, and I'll keep you updated as I experiment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'm here to help you venture the never ending space with your friends.